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Corporate Internet


Full Installation & Maintenance


Online Security To Safe Usage & Device


Bandwidth Usage Reporting


Service Level Agreements To Ensure Fast, Reliable Service


Complementary Redundancy


Point To Point Wireless Backup On Demand

Reliable, Flexible & Scalable Bandwidth

To reach customers, partners, vendors, and other branch offices, every business needs customized bandwidth solutions. Triangle offers bandwidth models that are reliable, flexible & scalable along with the cost advantage, multiple last mile options and minimum lead times.

All Our Services Are Designed To Meet Any Level Of User

  • Leased Internet – we provide fully dedicated and duplex Internet with full protection by fiber and wireless within the country.
  • Day basis Internet – we are able to provide any amount of bandwidth within very short time for Event, Business Meeting/Conference, Tele-Broadcasting etc… with full protection by fiber within the country.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot – we provide seamless wifi service with high amount bandwidth for small to high range School/Collage Event, International fair etc.

Global Capacity Ratio

  • ITC (International Telestrial Cable) 50%
  • SMW4 (sea me we 4) 50%
Get high speed internet from Triangle Services Ltd and maximize your business productivity and savings.
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